Find Your VLB Community


ID your local organizer below & Contact them directly to join their meeting.



New York City, USA

Organized by VLB Founder, Liz Dee. Find her on Instagram and Facebook. 

Organized by Emily Edlund. Find her on Facebook.


Hamptons, USA

Organized by Alecia Moore. Find her on Facebook


hudson valley, usa

Organized by Maya Gottfried. Find her on Facebook. 

Albany, USA

Organized by Chloe Lichtenstein. Find her on Facebook.


Connecticut, USA

Organized by Holly Skodis. Find her on Facebook. 


Philadelphia, USA

Organized by Leila Vaughan. Find her on Facebook


Washington D.C., USA

Organized by Betsy Wason, Erica Meier, Lisa Rimmert, and Aryenish Birdie. Find Betsy on Facebook. 

Pittsburgh, USA

Organized by Shannon Dickerson. Find her on Facebook.


Milwaukee, USA

Organized by Melanie Manuel. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


Denver, USA

Organized by Alyssa Healey and Sarah Eastin. Find Alyssa on Instagram and Sarah on Facebook.


Colorado Springs, USA

Organized by JL Fields. Find her on Instagram and Facebook


Boulder, USA

Organized by Blaine Wilkes. Find her on Facebook here.


Charleston, USA

Organized by Jessica Minahan White. Find her on Facebook.


Oklahoma City, USA

Organized by Anne Davidson. Find her on Facebook


Phoenix, USA

Organized by Jolynn Van Asten. Find her on Facebook here.


Dallas, usa

Organized by Kat Mendenhall. Find her on Instagram and Facebook

Austin, USA

Organized by Rachelle Caruso. Find her on Facebook.

San Antonio, usa

Organized by Megan Moon. Find her on Facebook. 

atlanta, usa

Organized by Kristine Dennis. Find her on Facebook

San Francisco, USA

Organized by Krystal Caldwell and Emily Hatch. Find Krystal on Facebook. 

Detroit, USA

Organized by Rua Francis Oshana. Find her on Facebook.

chicago, usa

Organized by MacKenzie DeVito, and Shelby Walchuk. Find MacKenzie on Facebook, and Shelby on Facebook.

Los Angeles, USA

Organized by Leslie Durso. Find her on Facebook. 


Santa Barbara, USA

Organized by Beth Skidmore and Lauren Coiro. Find Beth on Instagram here.


San Diego, USA

Organized by Michelle May. Find her on Facebook. 

baltimore, USA

Organized by Megan Griffith. Find her on Facebook.

Ft. Lauderdale + miami, USA

Organized by VLB Community Director, Adri Suarez, and Angela Chavez. Find Adri on Instagram, and Angela on Facebook.

palm Beach, USA

Organized by Ivy Gilbert and Kelly Vitko. Find Ivy on Facebook, and Kelly on Facebook.

bend, USA

Organized by Barbara Troyer and Chelsea gale. Find Barbara on Facebook, and Chelsea on Facebook.


Seattle, USA

Organized by Meaghan Garick and MacKenzie DeVito. Find Meghan here, and MacKenzie here on Facebook. 


Twin Cities, USA

Organized by Laura vanZandt, and Danielle Legg. Find Laura on Facebook, and Danielle here on Facebook. 


London, England 

Currently looking for an organizer to take over from a previous member.


Halifax, Canada

Organized by Meghan Sheehy. Find her on Facebook.  

Puerto Rico

Organized by Frances Gonzales. Find her on Facebook.



Organized by Cheryl Jia Le. Find her on Facebook. 


Berlin, germany

Organized by Roxy Velez. Find her on Facebook


Melbourne, Australia

Organized by Rachel LB. Find her on Facebook.

Galve, sweden

Organized by Alexandra Unstad. Find her on Facebook.



Organized by YOU.