"Can I organize a Vegan Ladyboss meeting?"


Yes, you can.


// Know Our History // 

Liz Dee founded VLB in November 2016. It was born out of the belief that vegan womxn should be supported and empowered, and that a thriving, connected community of vegan womxn will change the world. 

// Know Our Mission //

Vegan Ladyboss’s mission is to support and empower vegan womxn to change the world. 

// Know how to answer the question,  "What is Vegan Ladyboss?" // 

Vegan Ladyboss is a thriving connected community of vegan womxn who gather in meetings that follow our bespoke structure. Vegan womxn are welcome to join and/or start organizing meetings. 

For people who do not fit this description and are our allies, they are welcome to follow our public social media handles (@VeganLadyboss on Facebook and Instagram).


Contact us to request the official #VeganLadyboss Organizer Starter Kit.