"Can I organize a Vegan Ladyboss meeting?"


Yes, you can.


// Know Our History // 

Liz Dee founded VLB in November 2016. It was born out of the belief that vegan women of all backgrounds and identities should be supported and empowered, and that a thriving, connected community of vegan women will change the world. 

// Know Our Mission //

Vegan Ladyboss’s mission is to support and empower vegan women to change the world. 

// Know how to answer the question,  "What is Vegan Ladyboss?" // 

Vegan Ladyboss is a thriving connected community of vegan women who gather in meetings that follow our bespoke structure. Vegan women are welcome to join and/or start organizing meetings.

VLB welcomes women of all identities and backgrounds, including transgender women, nonbinary people, BIPOC women, women who are immigrants, and women of all sizes and ability levels.  

For people who do not fit this description and are our allies, they are welcome to follow our public social media handles (@VeganLadyboss on Facebook and Instagram).


Contact us to request the official #VeganLadyboss Organizer Starter Kit.